Colourful baby waterslide

A colourful and fun baby waterslide so even the little ones can dive into the heated pool. 🏊‍♂️

Ready to dive in?

Virtual Reality

And we give you the tools to really and totally immerse you in the fun! In the multimedia games area we also put the latest virtual reality visors: hyper-realistic battles, epic challenges, fantastic landscapes, superhero performances... anything can happen!

Kids know very well how exciting it is to be totally immersed in unique adventures through virtual reality, so why not take advantage of the family holiday to share this gaming experience together! The holiday becomes even more unique and unforgettable and even if it rains here, fun is guaranteed!

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Take a look at
what awaits you:

  • The Mini club (4/7 years), Junior club (8/12 years) and Teen club (13/17 years) are always filled with activities all day, every day even during meals, allowing parents to enjoy lunch and dinner in total relaxation. Children can dine with the animators in the restaurant area dedicated to our younger guests.
  • Nanny School®. Experienced nannies will take care of your children from 8 months to 3 years of age. We have set up a play area for the little ones where, Monday to Friday, from 4 to 7 p.m., qualified nannies from the Nanny School® will be present, so mums and dads can also enjoy a bit of relaxation, just for them. The service is free of charge and must be booked the day before at the reception.
  • Sports-loving children will not miss the opportunity to have fun in our Play Sport Arena, the right, cheerful and colourful place to play with the ball.
  • Every week there is a magic show, children's make-up, laughter and fun with comedians and jugglers, a popcorn night and, for those with a sweet tooth, a Bombolone party, directly from our pastry shop hot doughnuts for everyone, Donuts and Muffin party, Cioccolato party, melted chocolate to enjoy with fruit and biscuits.

when our passion and your desire
for fun come together, they create
a magic

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