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A Day at Mirabilandia - What to do for fun on holiday.

With small children:

  • Fly on the Flying Arturo or a climb up the Geronimo Towers;
  • Try their hand at throwing and shooting at the various prize game stations;
  • Take a car ride in Brontocars Baby;
  • Enjoy a ride on the Eurowheel Ferris wheel, second in height only to the London Eye in Europe;
  • Experience a magical adventure among the Fantasyland trails;
  • Climb higher and higher by dint of pedalling on the Bicisauro;
  • Enjoy a dance or a smoke signal at Sioux Camp;
  • Take a romantic ride on the Carousel;
  • Ride like a real centaur on a Diavel Ring or Kiddy Monster;
  • Enjoy a splashing excursion between mini rapids;
  • Take a trip through time on Monosaurus or Reptilium or on the more classic Santa Fe Express train;
  • Do jumps and somersaults on the soft Ottoland playground;
  • Enjoy a challenge among the wooden toys at Fort Alamo or splashing in Aquaqua;

And with older children or teenagers:

  • Balance on the Casa Matta;
  • Glide on your belly like a true Thundering Eagle;
  • Enjoy an Autosplash ride on a water highway;
  • Jump off the Buffalo Bill Rodeo disc coaster;
  • Launch down a dinghy along the Blu River;
  • Dive at full speed into the spray of El Dorado Falls or onto the record-breaking heights of Divertical;
  • Experience thrills on the Ducati Desmo Race, Motion Sphere and Simulators attractions;
  • Challenge each other to the last zombie on the field of The Walking Dead;
  • Launch yourself at full speed from the 2 Oil Towers;
  • Flip, reel and roll on iSpeed and Katun, the roller and inverter coaster for true
  • Pure adrenaline lovers!

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