Restaurant with Front Cooking

A gentle awakening

Start the day right with a rich breakfast buffet comprising yoghurt, jam, croissants, fruit juice, and a selection of ready-sliced meats. Our gourmet guests will enjoy our breakfast corner that serves delights such as crepes with nutella, sweet and savoury specialties, and bacon and eggs.

Late Breakfast: you can also have breakfast late in the morning at the hotel bar, where you will find croissants, tea, and coffee.

The Restaurant with Buffet service and Front Cooking with “Pizzeria”  where you can have lunch and dinner at flexible hours.
Picnic on the beach. Enjoy your lunch wherever you want …it’s better on the seeside

Let yourself be tempted by our culinary delights!

Thanks to our Front Cooking service, you can watch our skilfuly chefs as they make excellent specialities for you, and you can choose the food you like best on the spot. Every day, at flexible times, you will find a buffet of hot and cold pasta, and meat and fish dishes, local specialities, starters, vegetables, salads, as well as pizza by the metre for everyone at lunch and dinner! Round off your meal with our home made patisserie and ice cream, cakes, puddings, and sorbets. The flavours and aromas of the cuisine of the Romagna region will be served during a theme evening, when guests can taste a variety of dishes. Children are particularly well catered for by our chefs, who choose ingredients carefully, and adapt menus to the needs of our youngest guests (vegetable and meat broth with small pasta shapes, and light and tasty fish and meat dishes).

Every week we hold a “Bombolone” (doughnut) party (warm bomboloni for everyone straight from our patisserie) and a Chocolate party (chocolate fondue to eat with fruit and biscuits).

Bio & Good

Every family have different eating habits and sometimes it not easy to have the same attention in the selection of ingredients when you eat out. At the Club Family Hotel we work for many years to give you the best vacation in Romagna with a special attention to the food that reaches the table. For this reason evey day, for lunch and dinner, on our buffet you find an appetizing first course , a second course and a side dish prepared with products 100% bio.

For someone cooking it’s an act of love and also for us at The Club Family Hotel; that’s the reason we have a special attention, choosing the best ingredients to bring on your table the genuine recipes from our land- and more. Eat togheter and eat well, that’s very important. Every day we want to give you the quality and the freshness you need on the table.