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  • Nutella - spread it on bread, use it to fill a warm croissant, drizzle it on ice cream... No, you can’t dip your fingers in the jar, but otherwise you can invent any way you choose to make breakfast, snack or evening snacks sweeter.
  • Fileni - our supplier of white meat from organic and sustainable farming, so every day we can guarantee the taste and flavour of a second course that looks to the future.
  • Plasmon - small children always deserve the highest quality, especially in what they eat, and the pasta of the leading company in baby food guarantees a "high level meal". 🥣
  • Orogel - to add flavour and colour to our buffets we use a company that guarantees freshly picked frozen vegetables from naturally sustainable farming.
  • Aia - as soon as you taste our hot dogs, you'll find out why we chose the tasty, light chicken sausages from this company, which has managed to combine innovation and tradition in Italy's greatest cuisine. 🌭
  • La Regina di San Marzano - from Campania, where this vegetable grows luxuriantly and retains its heat and fragrance, to our first courses, where its majesty the tomato is at its best.
  • 3 Marie - follow the inviting scent of our warm croissants in the morning at breakfast and discover all the fragrance that led us to choose the company that symbolises the Italian confectionery tradition. 🥐
  • Conor - a healthy diet requires the consumption of fresh and varied vegetables, that's why to make our dishes and side dishes healthy, as well as tasty, we have chosen a company that always guarantees quality and variety.
  • Pieri Group - what has always been an absolute value for us, the careful and constant cleanliness, has now become essential to guarantee our guests safe hygiene, which is why we have chosen a local company that is reliable and always available.
  • Coca Cola - we've got hot dogs, we've got pizza for lunch and dinner, how could be the world's most famous bubbles missing?!
  • Pepsi - twist, light or max, the taste of this drink comes in many ways, it's up to you to choose which one suits you best.
  • Forst - fresh spring water, a wide grassy valley floor, pure air, forests and snow-capped mountains... This is where top-quality beer is brewed in South Tyrol with which to quench your thirst and toast the summer in our Open Bars! Will you raise your glass with us?! 🍺
  • Lipton - cold and refreshing, on the beach or in the swimming pool, hot in the morning to suits any breakfast, sweet or savoury, or English in the any case it is always Lipton tea.
  • Schweppes - we don't say tonic water but Schweppes, there must be a good reason for that, don't you think? Let our bartenders guide you through the many flavours of this original drink.
  • Nesquik - for breakfast, a snack or before bed, with milk or water, hot or cold, it's always a good time for chocolate fun.
  • Nestlè - for a healthy, nutritious, genuine and above all varied breakfast, we chose the world's leading food company.
  • Sammontana - has made Italian ice cream famous in every corner of the world, and provides us with the ice lolly that children love so much, you'll see all sorts of colours in their hands.🍦
  • Galak - Italy's most famous white chocolate really couldn't be missing in the Club Family Hotels, so we made breakfast even more delicious 😋. Ready to taste it?
  • PS5 - can you imagine a teenager on holiday at the seaside for a week or more without their beloved next-gen console? Neither can we, that's why we've got it in the play areas and you'll be able to use it too...maybe. 🕹️
  • Asmodee - more than a partner, this Italian company is a true inspiration for us in creating moments of pure fun and enjoyment, thanks to innovative board and role-playing games that have revolutionised the world of entertainment. Dooble, Dixit, Ticket to Ride, these are some of the titles available to you for truly unique family fun.
  • Adventerra - learning to take care of the environment through play is really possible, thanks to this company that makes eco-sustainable board games that transform education into pure fun.
  • De Cecco - a guarantee of pasta that is always al dente and made from selected wheat, to accompany any sauce artfully, we are Italian after all!
  • Amadori - only eggs, white meat of chicken and turkey of controlled and certified quality thanks to the commitment of this company and the integrated supply chain from breeding to distribution.
  • Nanny School - when you have small children a family holiday can be challenging, so we provide everything your child needs, including qualified and professional nannies from the Nanny School who will look after your little ones while you enjoy some relaxation with your half.

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