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The countryside

  • The Romagna country side is filled with the typical scents and flavours of its towns such as Sogliano al Rubicone, which is famous for its “fossa” d.o.p. cheese, which is matured in caves, or Predappio, the land of renowned Sangiovese di Romagna wines and Mussolini’s birth place, and Bertinoro, known as the town of friendship.
  • Lovers of art and culture should visit the churches and mausoleums that are decorated with Byzantine mosaics, in Ravenna. A trip to San Marino and San Leo, on the other hand, will take you back to the Middle Ages.
  • The Adriatic Riviera is most certainly synonymous with fun, with its numerous and imaginative fairgrounds and theme parks: water parks, parks open to schools, and children’s parks, which offer an array of unforgettable attractions for everybody.

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