Welcome to Cervia

Welcome to Cervia an ancient salt mining town where the sea, history, and culture are intertwined.

This friendly town in the Romagna region is situated in a privileged area on the Adriatic Coast, only 20 km from Ravenna, 30 km from Rimini, and 15 km from Cesena.

The channel harbour and the salt warehouses form a backdrop as you amble through the streets of the old town, which are visited by thousands of Italian and foreign tourists every year.

The Cervia salt mining park is unique both for its beauty and for its natural importance, as it is home to numerous species of water fowl. In recent years, salt mining has started up once more. Traditional methods of extraction are employed for tourists to watch, turning the salt mine into an-open air salt museum.

The Cervia nature park with its 27 hectares of pine wood is an ideal place to spend a few days close to nature, while children can learn about the many animals that inhabit it. As well as being an oasis of greenery, and an interesting historical and cultural centre, nowadays Cervia is also a highly renowned tourist town.

Cervia is an ideal holiday destination for families with children, and is also famous for its excellent cuisine with its numerous hotels, restaurants, and food stands, where you can sample local specialties, and the “legendary” piadina (unleavened bread), which is a traditional product of the Romagna region.